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Beretta A400 XCEL MULTITARGET Shotgun


Beretta A400 XCEL MULTITARGET Shotgun


Beretta A400 XCEL MULTITARGET Shotgun

A400 Xcel Multitarget B-Fast adjustable rib and stock, oversized controls, Balance-Cap adjustment device and a lot more for the most technological competition semiauto shotgun ever made by Beretta. Available also in Kick-Off version. 

Optimabore HP barrel Interchangeable-chokes barrels, designed for the best performance with both lead and HP steel shots. B-Fast adjustable rib Aluminum alloy adjustable rib (4mm, micrometric), designed to provide a 50/50-100/0 point-of-impact range. 

Thanks to the removable ramp (made of aluminum alloy too) mounted on the receiver, the target acquisition is easier, faster and even more accurate. 

Montecarlo B-Fast stock Adjustable drop 41/41/64 with B-Fast, available also in Kick-Off version for an outstanding recoil absorption and muzzle raise reduction. B-Link gas-operated system Faster and cleaner than any other functioning system ever made by Beretta (36% faster cycling speed). 

Blink is the engine of every A400 shotgun, providing exceptional reloading speed combined with power and cleanness at the top of the category. Being the fastest to fire the next shot means increasing the chance of hitting the target. 

B-Fast Balance Conceived to provide an easy and accurate balance adjustment system to your competition shotgun, the B-Fast Balance allows to modify the weight of the cap to compensate the natural density variability of wood. 

The shotgun comes with the medium-weight cap mounted and the stock is ready for additional weight-wads for an even more precise adjustment. 2,5+ wood grade BTS Stock and forend are made of selected walnut wood with BTS finishing, unsuring the best look and reparability. Nickel-coated receiver The first “white-receiver” A400, featuring a special nickel coating providing outstanding resistance to corrosion. 

Microcore pad Thanks to the open cell technopolymer – softer, lighter and more slippery than rubber – Microcore expands gradually and instantly, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun secure and precise support.

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